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Scristan GPRO Capilla

Syrah & Petit Verdot


This wine is made by mixing two types of grapes, Syrah and Petit Verdot, with thick tannins and a rich flavor. It is fermented and aged through the traditional process of making the grapes and has great nutritional value. The wine is ruby red in color, exuding aromas of black cherry, strawberry, chocolate and toast, with a mild flavor and long aftertaste.


Color: intense ruby with a wide layer and bluish tones
Aroma: Broad on the nose, shades of hay and fresh red fruit
Flavor: Good structure in the mouth with body and energy, while fresh, balanced and tasty. Hints of stone fruits.

Food pairing and other suggestions:

It goes very well with red meat, lamb, game, sausages and all kinds of cheeses.

This wine is perfect to be enjoyed now. Stored in a dry and cool place (at ideal and constant temperature that does not exceed 18 / 20ºC), it will develop new nuances in the coming years. Cold stabilization has not been applied, therefore, some sediment can be found in the bottle. Serve at 16º to 18ºC in a large, thin glass.